Not-just-another Trojan

Long ago, when the war was nearly over at Troy, Greeks left the infamous wooden horse for Trojans as a gift for a pact or was it? Although the Greeks pretended to leave the City of Troy, their chosen few were riding that inanimate horse from the inside. These days it is done by malwares…Read more Not-just-another Trojan


Arboreal Ambush

The bougainvillea flowers bloomed and arched over the entrance of Forsyth lodge, its long competing branches laid themselves to rest on the tiles. One of the thin branches of that held red flowers branched out and wavered even without a breeze, when naturalists at Lodge peered, the big eyes on the sides of the tip…Read more Arboreal Ambush

The Safari Times

Our morning newspaper pressed earth in vapour. Sounders have marched, on a pugmark parched. Have emptied their butts, on raiding ground nuts. The headlines flashed a Python's track, the drift alleged it had a snack. A flaunting Peafowl sirened the scene. Treed and gloating in his long preen. Everything is a trending news compiled at…Read more The Safari Times

Who spat here?

One of the walks in farms when I was a child, I had noticed some spit on the plants, I had asked a farmer for answers on who spat in his fields early morning, to which he said it is a snake’s spit. Myths such as this varied from farmer to farmer, some said it…Read more Who spat here?

Naturalist’s fever

Pachmari Biosphere Reserve                                                                        Pic: Abhijna DesaiOf the many fevers a naturalist could get, ‘Blues fever’ is the strangest. This makes pupils sway rapidly and eyes squint, makes them walk on haunches and their communications turn into Morse code. This fever was acquired during a Butterfly Survey at Satpura after an introduction to the Blues family…Read more Naturalist’s fever

The Love Song

Imagine a wedding proposal by a groom with a loud monotonic message of love, would she accept him? Yes, if he was a Cicada! He has crawled out of his gown from the last nymphood and stood up on the dais of a tree trunk for his once-in-a-lifetime event. This event is timed particularly in…Read more The Love Song

The Heist

As the summer Sun warms the land it defoliates trees and triggers them to flower. And this colorful and fragrant drinking fest attracts millions from beetles to butterflies and Starlings to Giant Squirrels, most of the entrepreneurship is taken by bees. Rock bees swarm looking for ridges, tall trees, steep and high rocks to hive. They…Read more The Heist